All of our altar linens are made of fine Irish linen, handmade and embroidered in a variety of designs.  A full line is available.  Special orders can be placed.

Grace House (1923-2017) has been an inspiration for teaching altar linen sewing and embroidery, a ministry she quietly and capably did for more than 50 years. It was through Grace that the women in Honduras were taught the art of altar linen sewing. 

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God's Grace Linensis a micro-enterprise project developed as an opportunity for the women in Honduras to become self-sufficient and to bring support to the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras.  



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Sewing co-ops around the country are making a difference in the lives of the Honduran women, their families, and the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras.

God's Grace Linens are prayerfully made by Honduran women working to sustain their families and support their diocese. 


Orders may be placed through the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida or directly from

the Diocese of Honduras.  

We are working toward becoming self-sufficient by using our gifts of needlework to make exquisite altar linens at reasonable prices for worship in your churches.